Since 1989

Complete line of Automotive Fluids, Chemicals, Aerosol Products, Refrigerant Gases, and Reclaim-Recovery Equipment.

The most effective product available for cleaning, protecting, and polishing all kinds of plastic.

Quality OEM style and aftermarket floor mats. Offers many licensed products.

Full lines of vinyl/rubber/leather protectants, cleaners, car washes, polishes, waxes and tire & wheel care.

Full line of racing fuels, oils, Chemicals, and other performance related products.

A tire inflator and sealant. It is a simple solution to a flat tire. It seals and inflates in minutes.

Outsmart the Elements with Rain-X wiper blades, windshield treatments, washes, waxes and tar and bug repellent products.

STP products give you the "power" to get maximum performance from your car. Oil treatments, steering and brake fluids, and a full line of fuel additives.

Manufacturer of high performance synthetic lubricants for the automotive and marine industry.

Supplier of CV boots, cages, races, axle nuts, cir clips, grease, ball bearings, oil seals, o-rings, disc-brake caliper parts, clamps, bands, rack and pinion parts, seal kits, and power steering gear box and pump parts.

Value line of automotive lubricants: engine oil, ATF, Dexron III, and additives.

Full line of racing fuels, oils, chemicals, and other performance related products.

A new generation of smart car care products. Including premium car wax, polish, leather conditioner, quick carnauba enhanced auto detail spray wax and other exclusive car care products auto detailing kits.

Leaders in manufacturing of wiper blades, inserts and refills for the automotive aftermarket.

Since 1946 - One of the largest, privately owned, manufacturers of Fuel System Components and Engine Management Devices

Professional auto detailers, collectors, and enthusiasts use Stoner car care products to clean, shine, and protect their favorite vehicles, from Fords to Ferraris.

Permatex is a leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, gasket makers, hand cleaners, lubricants, appearance products, and additives for the automotive maintenance, repair, performance, consumer and DIY markets.

Includes high-strength adhesives, epoxies, sealants, gasketing compounds, . Devcon and VersaChem brands are recognized worldwide.

The leader in surface care technologies. Manufacturer of Glass Science, Repel, Clean X, and Eliminate.

Complete line of Automotive light bulbs and lighting systems. Mini, halogen, xenon, and hyper bulbs.

A growing air freshener manufacturing company with unparalleled service and unique products that meet and exceed the expectations of retailers and customers.

The No.1 Radiator Coolant in the world, and the official antifreeze of NASCAR including a professional line of chemicals, additives, cleaners, waxes, polishes, protectants for all vehicles..

Goop Hand Cleaner is America’s premium waterless hand cleaner. Of course Goop is fantastic for cleaning dirty, grimy hands – but you can also tackle a lot of other tough cleaning jobs with it, too. Once you try Goop, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it before.

GUNK is the #1 automotive chemical and additive products used in the world. A complete line of quality automotive chemicals and additives.

Autolite spark plugs, wires and cables for all types of vehicles, American, Asian and European.

Air freshener products. Car air fresheners. Air fresheners for home, auto and business.

Wynn’s offers a complete line of professionally formulated chemicals, cleaners, lubricants, and additives for all types of applications.

Functional and fashionable air care and auto accessories products.

Oil, Cabin, Air, and Fuel Filters for all types of vehicles and engines, Asian, Korean, European, and American.  No.1 Oil Filter in the USA.

Polishes, Waxes, and Cleaners for the Automotive and Marine world. Whether it is paint, gel coat, interior, tires, wheels, or even special care, you’ll find it at Mothers.

Premium car care, appearance products. European’s best.

Best Engine Treatment that protects, enhances performance, and saves fuel for all engines.

Automotive chemical and additives.  Engine & Transmission Oil Treatments & stop leaks.

Offers a complete line of quality products ranging from waxes, wheel cleaners to car washes and interior cleaners.

Kings International Marketing Corp.

Since 1992, Sterling Teal has been providing high quality air fresheners to the automotive aftermarket. Eye catching packaging and cosmetic grade fragrances have contributed to the phenomenal success and consumer acceptance of the product line.

Products that prevent & repair flat tires for all types of tires including motorcycle, atv, bicycle and SUV tires. Slime is a tire or tube sealant in bottles. Slime has extended products of 12 volt inflators, pressure gauges, and other repair equipment to repair flats.

Solutions in fasteners, chemicals, tools, and inventory management.

Engine & transmission treatments, fuel system cleaners, and lubricants.

Casite offers premium Automotive & Household chemicals, Additives, and Products that are engineered to work better and are easier to use for the consumer.

Tires & Wheels for all vehicles. Cars, trucks and off-road.

Official Distributor of the following products in select Countries:

G-Force Lubricants, oil, chemicals, brake fluids made by packagers of world famous quality brands.  Top quality oil in a bargain price.

Liquid Glass
A complete line of long lasting car care. A legend in its time.

From abrasives to paint finishing, 3M offers solutions using our most advanced technologies for designers, manufacturers, and OEMs in the Automotive & Marine industry.

Includes high-strength adhesives, epoxies, sealants, gasketing compounds, . Devcon and VersaChem brands are recognized worldwide.

Fuel System Cleaners, Fuel Injector Cleaners, Fuel Additives, Maintenance Fluids, and Maintenance Aerosols.

Full line of automotive lubricants and additives. Motor Oils, brake & power steering fluid, 2-stroke oil, and more.


Complete line of Car Care appearance products – Car Wash, Polish, Wax and much more.

Racing Safety Products, Racing Helmets, and Apparel.

Lubricants: Motor oil, Transmission Fluid, Refrigerant, and A/C products for all vehicles.

Bendix brakes, friction material, air brake, and filtration systems for heavy duty commercial and passenger vehicles.
Commercial / Heavy Duty
Passenger Car / Light Truck

A full line of quality automotive chemicals and car care products.. World famous quality products that work when everything else fails.